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Below are links to various LOC eSuite brochures and videos as seen at the NRF Show 2020. Additional contact information for follow up or questions is at the bottom of this page. You can also schedule a booth tour if you wish to LOC in a convenient time. Thank you for visiting, and we look forward to working with you soon.

Additional Brochures

The way we want to use it

“The independent grocer needs to buy into the idea of technology can take them to the next level, and LOC is the perfect software suite to bring them to that level.”

Learn how Pete’s Fresh Market utilizes data, reporting, and most every critical SMS module to run their chain efficiently and smartly, just they way they like it.

“By using LOC, we are able to now tie our policy and procedure into our technology, by having checks and balances in place for purchasing, we are able to use that to make sure we are buying intelligently.”

It's consistent it's reliable

"What’s been really great is the ability to verify costs coming in the back door. In today’s day and age, vendors are. . .more inconsistent on their pricing and allowances, so that has really, truly saved us a lot of money."

Learn how Musser’s Market has used tools within SMS to directly impact bottom line profitability, not to mention increase efficiencies at store level - letting their team focus on tasks that really matter.

“It’s consistent, it’s reliable. That frees up our local scan coordinators at store level to do other things that we didn’t have time to do before the system.”

ROI has probably been reduced to About 13 months

"One of the reasons why we chose SMS, moving forward, we know that they are changing and adapting, being comfortable that we are partnering with a company that is moving forward."

Learn how Key Food Supermarket is preparing its operations for today's necessities and tomorrow's challenges by implementing technology. SMS tools deployed include self-checkout, drill down reporting, DSD, multi-vendor management, margin management, inventory control, loyalty, and more.

It's important to know that "as quickly as technology is changing, that you know that you have someone that you can depend on, that is there making those changes."

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